Your guide to using Ziptrak blinds efficiently

Ziptrak blinds Melbourne homes use these days do not stand out for no reason. Unlike traditional blinds, they feature an innovative track-guided spring-loaded system that does not use those irksome straps, buckles, or cranks, which can even pose danger to children and pets. Generally, they are “totally safe” blinds to install in any type of home.

And, these blinds’ benefits do not stop there. They also offer durability, longevity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal! It is no wonder why many homes in the city use them.

However, like other products, blinds Melbourne may not function optimally when you do not know how to properly use them. If you are someone who just recently bought these blinds or are just planning to install one, here is a guide that you can follow:

How to operate Ziptrak blinds

As functional as Ziptrak blinds Melbourne may be, you will not get the most out of them when you do not know how to operate them. Here is what you should do:

  • You should operate spring-balanced Ziptrak outdoor blinds from the centre to ensure they roll evenly to the top tube.
  • Avoid operating them during high winds, as wind pressure will make it difficult for the motor to move. Instead, leave the blinds fully retracted to the top or locked at the bottom.
  • If you do need to operate bistro blinds Melbourne has during windy conditions, gently push your hand against the blinds to reduce wind pressure and then proceed with operating.
  • Do not roll up wet blinds. Moisture inside might cause mould to form.
  • Always supervise blinds while in motion.

Ziptrak blinds should are always simple and smooth to operate. If there is something that makes them difficult to use for no obvious reason, you should contact the company that installed them.

To get complete information about using a specific type of blinds, though, you should also refer to its manual.

How to maintain Ziptrak blinds

You would also want your blinds to serve you for many years. To ensure they last up to their expected lifespan, you should do the following:

  • When cleaning the blinds, use a soft cloth and soapy cold water. Allow the blinds to dry before rolling them up.
  • For polyvinyl chloride (PVC) blinds, you can use the VuPlex plastic cleaner, protectant, and polish to clean and maintain them. PVC will show marks more easily than fabric, so ensure to treat the surface with care.
  • Never apply full-strength detergents, soaps, cleaning fluids, garden sprays, or insecticides to the blinds. Similarly, make sure the blinds will not be spilled with solvents and petrochemicals.
  • Do not use bore water to clean the blinds.
  • Avoid using a high pressure hose to wash the blinds.
  • Do not allow bird droppings to settle on the blinds, as they will leave a stain.

In general, Ziptrak roller blinds do not require extensive maintenance to operate smoothly and efficiently. Just remember these steps, and you can ensure your blinds will last as long as they are expected to be.

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