What are Double Swing Gates and Why You Should Get Them?

Perhaps you have a rather wide driveway and would like a way to secure it. You might think to get a double swing gate installed. However, you might be unsure if this is the right one for your needs. Before you go out and buy double swing gate kits, here are things you need to know about them
What are double swing gates anyway?
Although, gates can come in a number of different shapes and sizes, there are three common types: Single Swing, Double Swing, and Sliding. Each one has its own use case depending on the requirements of the project.
Double swing and single swing gates act just like doors would. They differ from each other based on the number of panels or “leaves”. They use hinges on posts as a pivot point to “swing” when pushed or pulled (hence the name). A single swing has one leaf that either swings to the left or the right depending on where the hinge is placed. A double swing gate, meanwhile, uses two leaves that are hinged on opposite sides. They meet in the middle where they can be secured with a drop rod.
Swing gates are the most common gate type typically found in residential and even commercial spaces. Their simple design and ease of use is the reason for their widespread adoption. You can even get one with cheap electric gate openers installed so you can open and close them hassle-free. Click here kits4gates.co.uk
Why you should get double swing gate kits?
Though similar, double swing gates have numerous advantages over single swing ones. Here are some of them:
Size of the opening
The size of the opening matters when choosing which swing gate to install. Single swings are usually enough for smaller entry openings. However, if the opening is large enough, single swing gates may not be practical. This is where double swing gates come in. They can go as much as double the length of what a single swing can.
Has a smaller footprint
In essence, double swing gate kits can take up less space than a single swing one. A 3-metre opening would require a 3-metre single swing. This gives the gate a very wide sweep. This can be impractical especially if there is only limited space behind the gate. A double swing gate, however, cuts this in half. So a 3-metre opening only needs two 1.5-metre leaves.
Uses lighter support posts
Another advantage is that it needs less support structure. A single swing is attached only to one side. This means that only this side holds the entire weight of the leaf. The wider this gets the heavier it becomes. You’ll need to use heavier duty hinges and support posts which usually cost more. Double swings, on the other hand, divide the load in half. This makes automatic gate opener kits work better because of the lighter weight.
Get quality gate kits from a trusted source
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