Effective Prevention Steps against Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)

Diseases never treat anyone special. In our generation, being complacent, like crimes, also does pay—and it’s your health that’s being gambled. As always, the best solution is prevention. If you’re sexually active, you can take preventive steps with the help of any STI clinic Brisbane has. Besides that, here are some preventive actions you have to take:

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Protect yourself from STI

What’s the best way of protecting yourself against STI? It’s thinking ahead. Protection is more effective when it’s commenced even before engaging in sexual activities.

Eliminate the chances of gaining STI through:

  • Getting tested by an STI clinic Brisbane has today before engaging in any sexual activity – It’s scary to know results but if you want to be safe and keep others safe, you have to get tested. This is important because not everyone with STDs is aware that they have it.
  • Honestly discussing your sexual history with your new or potential lover – Being discreet about sexual history leads to conflict and miscommunication.
  • Limiting the number of sexual partners – If you can, please stick to one sexual partner.
  • Not engaging in any sexual activity when intoxicated with illicit drugs or alcohol – The chances of catching STIs when you’re drunk or high is higher.
  • Being vaccinated by an STI clinic Brisbane has nowadays against Hepatitis B and Human Papillomavirus – A primary, crucial step that should be practiced with the rest of the steps above to be really safe against STIs. If you’re a guy, you can easily find a men’s health clinic Brisbane has today.

Practicing safe sexual activities

You can always practice safe sex with the help of protections made of latex or polyurethane. It can be a:

  • Condom and dental dams for oral sex
  • Male or female condom
  • Gloves for penetration

Showering after sex is also crucial too. This can help you remove any substances on your skin that could possibly infect you. For women, they should also urinate after the sexual activity as this can help them avoid Urinary Tract Infections.

How to use a condom correctly:

It doesn’t always hurt to follow the instructions written on any barrier. Just like taking medicine, using condoms correctly will make their purpose more effectively.

  1. Before using it, you have to check the expiration date.
  2. The condom package should have an air bubble so you’ll know it doesn’t have any hole.
  3. Never reuse a condom.
  4. Wear the condom appropriately.
  5. Leave some space at the tip.
  6. Only unroll the condom onto your penis and not prior to putting it on.
  7. Use a safe, legitimate condom-appropriate lubricant for any sexual intercourse.
  8. When withdrawing from a sexual activity, it’s better to hold onto the condom so that it won’t slip off.
  9. Remember to throw the used condom properly.
  10. Never use a condom that’s been unrolled.


These are some effective tips for anyone who’s currently sexually active. However, it’s always the better option to consult a physician for clearer explanations. If you’re starting to observe some rash, you can have a skin check Brisbane clinics offer today. These clinics might also provide a sun spot check Brisbane wide. For more details, you can visit them at https://drscottallison.com.au/sexual-health/.

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