Basic Family Medicine Services to Help Improve Your Sexual Health

The services for family medicine Ipswich and Strathpine have been offering are not exclusive to a single demographic. Unlike other specialists such as paediatricians and geriatricians, general practitioners can deliver comprehensive health care to people of different ages and gender.


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Typically called a family physician, the services offered range widely from child and adolescent health to outpatient medical services such as immunisation and after-hours care. Furthermore, concerns regarding sexual health such as finding suitable contraceptive options and dealing with erectile dysfunction are also addressed through this medical field.

If you do want to take care of your entire wellbeing including your sexual health, these are health services which you can take advantage of.

Health Services for Women

The clinics for family medicine Ipswich has to offer have facilities that can cater to women who are in need of a comfortable setting during consultations. It is highly important so that openness is encouraged, thus benefitting the patient’s overall wellbeing. Click here SmartClinics


Even if you are in your adolescent years, it is still necessary to see a general practitioner every once in a while. Screenings and tests help prevent the development and onset of diseases such as cancer, sexually transmitted infection, and the like.

  • Pap tests, which are advised every two years, help prevent reproductive health maladies such as cervical and uterine cancers.
  • Breast screenings are also extremely important. There are an estimated 18,235 people who have been just diagnosed with breast cancer this 2018. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the numbers include 18,087 women and surprisingly, 148 men. However, it has been reported that the chances of surviving breast cancer are around 90 percent.


Aside from basic health checks, seeking advice for family planning is also highly encouraged.

  • Birth control and contraception advice are also needed to keep a woman’s sexual health in check. The implanon Strathpine clinics have to offer is just one of the many contraceptive options women can choose.

Health Services for Men

Although men naturally do not look for health advice more often, the services for mens health Strathpine has been offering are still necessary for optimal sexual function. This includes screenings for both breast and testicular cancer, as well as advice for contraception.

  • The doctors in family medicine Ipswich has are just some of the many specialists who can perform a vasectomy in men. This minor surgical operation is often performed at an outpatient facility as a family planning option.
  • The prostate examination is encouraged to help stop the development of cancer. This medical procedure is highly recommended for men ages 40 and over.

The health services offered by general practitioners are extremely important if you want to improve and keep your sexual function at its best. From the simple breast examination to contraception, these medical interventions will surely keep you and your partner in perfectly good condition.

For other services, such as the pre-employment medicals Ipswich employers require, you can check out clinics such as Smart Clinics for the required health screenings and tests.

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